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  60 Day Weight Loss Plan
60 Day Weight Loss Plan - 8 Week Weight Loss Plan by IdealShape

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All the tools you need to get your fitness lifestyle started at awesome savings. This package includes 2 tubs of our awesome meal replacement shake, 2 months of our NatralShape weight loss support supplement, your choice of 2 Brain Training CDs, a copy of our downloadable book, '3-Hour Fat Loss', and a shaker bottle. With this kit you will be able to learn more about motivation, creating permanent change, and how to set up a simple exercise program at home.

"3-Hour Fat Loss" Complete Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
Discover the philosophy behind IdealShape’s products in a complete guide to fat loss nutrition called 3-Hour Fat Loss. Created by IdealShape cofounder David Meine and nutritionist Lindsey Mathews, 3-Hour Fat Loss is a complete plan for accelerated, sustainable results. The secret is in enjoying the right fat-blasting foods throughout the day. How often? You guessed it… every three hours! IdealShakes and IdealBars are an essential part of the plan, and we'll show you how to incorporate them for dramatic results!

Trim weight loss support supplement (formerly NatralShape) - Scientifically formulated with ingredients to block hunger and burn fat more efficiently. Trim has clinically tested ingredients that will increase your energy and decrease your fat. Trim also has a powerful hunger blocker (Slendesta) that has been shown to stop overeating by replacing feelings of unnecessary hunger with feelings of fullness and satisfaction.

Get Your Brain in the Game!

So what do we really mean when we say that? It means getting your goals aligned and creating an understanding with yourself about what you want to do. It means not going into this with a "dieter" mentality. Diets, by definition, do not work! Diets infer the short term. What you need is a lifestyle change.

You need to understand past habits that have caused you to gain weight and once you find that, you can't just ignore them for a few months to shed a few pounds. That's going to land you right back to this position in a few months. So how do you 'delete' bad habits? You don't. Your replace them with different, more positive ones. And that's where our brain training CD series comes in.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you eat too much or at odd hours? Do you eat until you feel sluggish? Do you eat because you're stressed? Are you sabotaging yourself with an "I've never been able to lose weight" attitude? You're not alone. These are some of the most common obstacles of people losing weight, and a pill isn't going to fix it. A diet isn't going to fix it either.

By listening to these CDs for 15 minutes a day, in just 28 days you can override those negative habits and create permanent change in your life. You can be healthier and you can make it a lifelong change.


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Warning: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.